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Having a working boiler is very important during the winter period but more important is the maintenance because that is the way to keep it efficient always. Boilers provide essential service in supplying hot water and warming the house. Additionally, they provide some level of comfort for the home. In the event where the boiler malfunctions frequently, repairs are unavoidable. Regular maintenance by a professional boiler repair Long Island Company can save you the stress of frequent repairs. This will also help in saving more money. Most professionals will advise you to integrate frequent maintenance to boost the household safety while averting any form of accidents in the future.

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We understand there are many maintenance tips online but the maintenance tips provided in this article will help in boosting the productivity of your boiler and finally extend the lifespan of your boiler. Without much ado, let’s start.


How to properly take care of your oil boiler to minimize the need for repair

Air Vents and Flues

Nothing hinders the efficiency of your boiler more than having a blocked air vent. This also happens to gas boilers. You may experience accumulation of flues or vents within the system and this will cause a blockage. This is why inspecting the flues and vents regularly is important. When you observed any blockage, a simple cleaning will allow air to flow freely.

Water Level

Apart from dust blockage the airflow, you do want to check the water level. If the boiler works without any water in it, you stand the chance of damaging your boiler beyond repairs. The dangerous part is that it could cause an accident and puts the lives of your loved ones in danger. When checking the water level, verify that the pilot light is switched on. If the level of the water is below the recommended level, then you may need the services of a professional. A little adjustment might just do the trick.


Leaks may arise while using the boiler normally. It could be fuel or gas leak via the valves. Normally, this is an indication that certain adjustment is required or necessary. You may call a boiler repair Long Island service provider if you think the boiler has worn out parts or is damaged.


For most people, after getting a boiler that is all. You need to lubricate the boiler if you want the mechanical system to work smoothly. Frequently lubricate the moving parts including pumps and fan to extend the life of your system.


A routine flushing out of the water is also important. The best time for this maintenance is after winter because the boiler may have worked within its full capacity. Grit, dirt, and lime-scale try to settle within the boiler. Flush and clean the interior of the boiler thoroughly. You can also place a new gasket if you have the expenses before filling the boiler with water again.

Annual Check

Hiring a professional registered boiler engineer to check your boiler annually will greatly extend the lifespan. If you want to ensure its efficiency and safety, this is not an option. During this annual check, any emerging issues can be dealt with before they compound more problems. Ensure to collect a safety certificate once the engineer is done with the inspection and maintenance.

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