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How much does it cost to replace an oil burner or furnace on Long Island?

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So it’s freezing outside, a build-up of ice on the windows and your oil burner has stopped working! You are going to need to invest in an expensive call-out and repair job or consider a new oil burner replacement.


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How do you know if your oil burner needs a repair or not? Here are the few reasons why you may need an oil burner service or repair in Suffolk County. Keep in mind these are the most common scenarios, there might be other reasons too when your oil burner may need repair.


Fast Oil Burner Repair on Long Island

Oil burners are used to heat up your home. They will provide you warm air along with hot water whenever you need during the cold weather. They are also quite reliable. But many times they just stop working and we have no clue what to do. What do you do in that situation? Call a technician, right? Not so fast, Here are a few important things you need to check before calling a technician.


Tips For Maintaining Your Home Heating Oil Burner

An oil burner is used to heat the oils with at a lot of different levels. It not only heats oils but also diesel fuels and the other similar fuels. A fuel is something that is atomized into a fine spray that is usually put by forcing the fuel under pressure through a nozzle that helps in giving the resulting flame a specific flow rate, and the angle of spray and pattern. This used for heating your home and keeping it warm in the cold winter season.


Free Estimates on Oil Tank Removal and Replacement Jobs

Call us for a Free, no-obligation oil tank project estimate – in most cases we can give you a price over the phone. Oil tank removal, installation and replacement are services that many Long Island homeowners may need at one point or another. If you are a homeowner who uses an oil burner to heat up the house, chances are you may eventually need to do this. The best way to get this done is to hire a professional to do it for you.

How do you find the best company or individual to do the job for you? If you don’t know anything about oil tank removal, replacement, abandonment or installation here are the top five things you can do which will help you find the best oil tank service in Suffolk and Nassau counties.


Is an annual burner tune-up really necessary?

When you have over 101 things to do a day, you can easily and understandably forget how important it is to maintain your HVAC. Perhaps the only time you do remember is when its time to turn on the heating or the AC or when something goes wrong and you have to make a call out to an emergency heating repair service. Annual oil burner tune-up and maintenance is important and it saves money, not only that but it has a number of other benefits.


oil burner service long islandOil Burner Repair Made Easy

Learning how to bleed a burner pump is an essential part of oil burner repair. For example, if your burner pump has run out of oil, causing air to get into the fuel pump, this may cause it to malfunction. Refilling the oil tank is not going to make this problem go away. Initially, you may be provided with some heat but eventually your reset switch will kick in and turn the burner off. Now you are faced with having lots of fuel and still no heat. Thankfully, this is one problem that can be rectified quite easily.

The fuel pump is responsible for pushing oil throughout the oil burner to keep it running smoothly. Air entering the equation makes the fuel pump’s job harder. If the air is not bled out properly, the fuel pump will cease to function. (more…)

How to prevent gelling in your oil burner when temperatures drop below freezing

When the temperature outdoors drops to freezing (32F or 0 C) the heating oil in your tank starts to thicken. Some people refer to this as “freezing” but what actually happens is a gelling process where heating oil doesn’t freeze but thickens or gels like a soft wax-like material, the reason being that the paraffin or wax in heating oil starts to crystallize, separating itself from the oil compound. (more…)